Located at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) and part of the Management Group Investors (MGI) affiliate portfolio, AAS provides ground support services to commercial and corporate aviation businesses in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since 1972, aviation has been more than a job for us, is our passion; reason why every member of our ground services team is a dedicated expert who truly understands the needs of the aviation community.


Airport Aviation Services meets the highest operating standards both in terms of aircraft services and crew/passenger care. You can expect to receive excellent fuel and line services for your aircraft, as well as comfortable lounge areas, exquisite food service and the warmest hospitality for pilots and passengers alike.   

Our FBO facilities include a 10,000 sq. ft. hangar and a 150,000 sq. ft. ramp/maintenance bay, providing ample docking space and servicing areas for your aircraft.  Meanwhile, crew and passengers will relax in an exquisitely decorated 12,000 sq. ft. lounge area with convenient and safe street access, which offers concierge services, unlimited free WI-FI, individual electrical outlets, and flat TVs.  The VIP Lounge also features a conference room with the newest audiovisual technology plus a modern and private resting area with showers for crewmembers.  As part of the transformation and upcoming additions to our facilities in 2017, the FBO will soon host an office of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, allowing our visitors to enjoy an effortless, efficient and expedited inspection/entry process ensuring a smooth customs experience.

AAS services to commercial airlines include: wheelchair attendants, bag pullers, runners, cabin search/cleaning personnel and catering security escorts.

Airport Aviation Services’ mission is to deliver the best ground support services in the corporate and commercial aviation industries. Our team of experienced customer service representatives and ground crewmembers has one common goal: to provide fast, efficient and professional services to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Website: www.tjsjfbo.com

Email: info@tjsjfbo.com


AAS corporate services provide:

  • Reservations for plane arrivals
  • Air/land communications
  • Aircraft parking/maintenance
  • Fuel service (Jet-A and AVGas)
  • In-house US Customs facilities
  • Baggage handling
  • Transportation & hotel reservations
  • FDA/USDA certified In-flight food service
  • Convenient pilot room amenities
  • Assistance with boarding and take-off